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Some Frequently Asked Questions [Along with most of the answers.]
To better provide you with the best possible information, this section is usually updated pretty frequently. If you don't find the information you are looking for on this, or any other page in our site, please feel free to Contact Us. We are always pleased to help.

Do you welcome large groups and/or busses?
We do! Please Contact Us for more details.
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What activities are available in the area?
The activities that you'll have access to as our guest are only limited by your schedule and energy level. Our guests can take advantage of all that Hermann has to offer in shopping and dining since we are located in the heart of Hermann and are within walking distance of the antique and craft shops.
For a more detailed, and ever-evolving, list of area attractions please click HERE.
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Do you have ample/secured/well-lit parking?
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We never leave home without our cat or dog. Can we bring them along with us?
Yes, indeed. But we'd really like to know a bit more about your pet and our accommodations suitable for pets are limited. There is a $10 per day charge for any pets. And please keep in mind that pets are to never be left in the rooms unattended. For more information about this please Contact Us or let us know when you make your reservation request.
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Can our kids come along too?
If it's okay with you, it's okay with us. But, like our pet policy, our accommodations suitable for children are limited. And please keep in mind that children are to never be left in the rooms unattended. For more information about this please Contact Us or let us know when you make your reservation request.
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How will we get to and from the Katy Trail? The Amtrak station?
We are more than happy to arrange drop-off and pick-up services for all of our guests. If you'd like more details about the Katy Trail. For our Amtrak guests we have added more information HERE.
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Are there any special rates for extended stays?
We do accept extended stays. Please Contact Us for availability and details.
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What is on the menu for breakfast?
Be prepared for quite a bit more than your average bagel or some pre-packaged Bear Claw. We offer a full complimentary breakfast for all of our guests. A more detailed list of menu items, along with some great images and our serving schedules, can be found HERE.
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Can I have a room with a river view?
Rooms with views of the river are quick to be reserved but, if there is an opening then, of course. We do have rooms with views of the river.
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I'd really love to go swimming while I'm there. Is that possible?
Depending on the season and weather, our guests will be able to take advantage of our nearby pool. Although we don't have our own private swimming pool we are located so closely to Hermann's fantastic swimming pool that you might never know the difference. And did we forget to mention that we do, indeed, have rooms with private jetted-tubs?
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Any suggestions or recommendations for dinner? Can I walk there?
There are many great places to eat while in Hermann and it depends on what you're in the mood for. We have created a list of some of our favorites, most of which are well within walking distance. Click HERE for more details.
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A fireplace sure sounds great. What can you do for me?
You've come to the right place!
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Do you have smoking rooms?
We don't allow smoking inside ANY of our units. We do, however, provide our smoking guests with comfortable benches outside of their rooms along with ash receptacles. Please read our Rates & Terms for a more detailed descriptions of our policies.
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